Released: Catalog of the Premio Faenza MIC Italy.
Biennale Internazionale della Ceramica D`Arte Contemporanea (page 126-129)isbn: 978-88-7336-833-5

Book:The Elusive Lightness of Being , Reflexions on my work by Nanne op't Ende, text, and Hans Lodewijkx graphic design. Released March 2023.  Please send an email if you like to order a copy.

City(e)scapes Bu Ke Qi at KEG Steeg 9 Schijndel up to 24th of March mo-fri 10.00-17.00 hours

Coming up in 2024: Mon Bonheur     Multi discipline installation 30 x 20 m desert with choirperformance.
Music written by composer Kate Moore

In progress:
Homo Ludens Est, an installation with human powered ceramic sculptures
Image: Homo Ludens Libratum


Homo Ludens Libratum